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Z.P. Primary School, Kardelwadi is located in rural area. It is 60 km away from Pune. The school is run by two teachers only. They are Mr. and Mrs. Sakat. The speciality of the school is that it is open round the year. i.e. all 365 days. Kardelwadi school is belongs to Gov. of Maharashtra and its rule by Z.P. Pune.

The school is Marathi Medium only. No doubt holidays are important for relaxation, but when you enjoy your work and when your work itself becomes a way of relaxation then you need not think of holiday. Same is the case here. Mr. and Mrs. Sakat enjoy being with the children everyday and students too are happy at the school rather than at home. Whatever relaxation, enjoyment, love and affection children get at home, same is given by their teachers at the school. Hence it is possible for them to come to school everyday. The concept of Everyday School itself has a sense of discipline & devotion. Children attend school everyday. So that get lot of time to learn new things, to improve different skills, to practive different activities.

Morever they are constantly under the supervision and contact of the teachers, hence they receive instant guidence. All these essential factors result in a better performances of the children. Hence all the results are well-maintained. The scholarship result of Std IV is surprising. They are performing very well in the subjects like Maths, English, Drawing and activities like dance, Yoga, sports etc. The prime achievement and a plus point of the school is that it is connected to the ‘British council’ through the activity of ‘Connecting classroom’ with the help of this activity children got connected with experts in educational establish field from North wales. It means they have become truly global. Nearly ninety thousand people including many VIPs from educational and other faculties visited the school and were astonished by observing the splendid performance of the children. The fact which surprise them more was that the school is run by Z.P. like many other schools in the state. In the course of time school has own following awards.

The school got Ideal school awards from Z.P. Pune in 2004. Clean and Tidy school award in 2005 & 2009 having a cash prize each time. Chairman trophy of Z.P. Pune as a best school in 2006. First prize in quality improvement and development Programme of State Government, in Maharashtra in 2007. Award for Educational support from Ideal village Education committee of state Government in 2008. First prize in quality improvement and development in education at district level. Award for Ideal Teacher from Z.P. Pune in 2006 & 2008 From last four years many students were selected for scholarship.

After std 4th – Students are in Janna Pabhodhini (C.B.S.E) Pattern school in Pune. After std 4th 19 students are learning in (C.B.S.E) pattern. (This school is marathi medium only, but we focus on developing English language)


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