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Inspite of it’s rural background the school is self sufficient with it’s essential needs and infrastructure. The school is open throughout the year. It helps students to become physically. Mentally and emotionally sound. Students are well-developed and emerging as a ultimate personality. Various types of sports yoga activities have been conducted in school to make students physically fit. Various subjects like Int, English, Maths, Science, social studies are prescribed in their curriculum for their mental development. There is a celebration of many functions and festivals to create well-balanced emotional psychology of students.

Funderaling activity is conducted for the people suffering from natural calamity like psunami, flood drough affected area. Activities have been arranged for the awareness of pollution and population prot Community health is also accomplished through these activities.

Childrens are very intelligent, innovative and always ready to learn new things. Every year many students appears for scholarship exams and the result is well maintained. Various trees are planted on large scale to keep surrounding area and campus safe and pollution free.

Sessions and seminars have been conducted to inculcate the philosophical views within students. Through this the great message of ‘universal brotherhood’ is delivered. We have also accomplished to introduce traditional scriptures to them through this and make them aware that, what tradition we have what is our individual talent now a days.

The school is rapidly developing to emerge as an ideal school in every aspect which is the prime requirement of it’s Many teachers who are interested to take admission of their children in this school. They prefer to seek admission of their children in this school rather than to well-reputed private schools.

Aims :-

  1. To make them confident responsible and compassionate towards the current problems of the world.
  2. To inculate the significance of ‘International /Universal Brotherhood.
  3. To teach them the concept of ‘Goal setting’ and importance of time in our life.
  4. To make them perfect all rounderes so that they will be successful in every walks of life.

Missions :-

Provide  the quality education. Make the bright future of each and every students.

Special things about my School

  1. Old building but best campus for students
  2. Colourful garden
  3. Garden on wastage water
  4. Saving medicine plants & its detail knowledge for the students
  5. Quality maintain and development in education 1st in Block last three years.
  6. 2007-08 first in state for maintain quality in education award got 1 Lakh from M.P.S.P.
  7. Quality aids of education.
  8. Z.P. Ideal school 2004-05 first in Pune Z.P.
  9. Clean and tidy school awards for two times.
  10. 85000 Teachers and officers are visited to the school last 10 years. (Minimum 90,000 visitors)
  11. Kardelwadi Pattern start for Block P.S. Shirur Chairman start the programme for each every school
  12. Internet access & e-learning facility


  • Total Visitors: 2250895



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Z.P. Primary School

Tal. Shirur, Dist. Pune.
Maharashtra, India.
Pin - 412210

Website:- zpeschoolkardelwadi.org
Email id: dattatryasakat@gmail.com
Call us at : 9822956206

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